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IRS Tax Debt Resolution By Attorney Jim Gilland

Gilland Law Firm Helps Distressed Taxpayers Resolve IRS Problems

Gilland Law Firm is an experienced law tax resolution law firm, and can represent clients in Unites States Tax Court, United States Court of Appeals For The 10th Circuit, The US District Court of Utah.

Gilland Law Firm Will Negotiate With The IRS to Put An IRS Problems Such As:

Every client's tax debts, income, employment and financial needs are different, and many IRS debt settlement programs are available. Attorney Jim Gilland will work directly with you to determine the best course of action from a variety of factors.

Gilland Law Firm has helped thousands of clients bring their tax problems down to size by using some of the programs offered by the IRS including:

Serving All Of Utah For IRS Tax Problems

Every client has their own unique issues and challenges to overcome. Our law firm has offices through out Utah giving our clients direct access with your tax attorney can be important for your case. Gilland law Firm has multiple offices throughout Utah making it convenient for Utah residents to get personal access to attorney Jim Gilland. This allows Jim to become more famillier with your case and better able to represent your interest when negotiating with the IRS for your behalf.

Salt Lake City Tax Attorney

Our Salt Lake City Law Office is located in the In the Wells Fargo Tower at 299 South Main Street Suite 1300. Having our office in the heart of Salt Lake City means we are always close by and ready to help resolve your IRS problems.

Clearfield Tax Attorney

Our Clearfield law office serves Ogden, Clearfield and Layton down to SLC. Clearfield area residents can always have quick access to our law office for any questions about your tax help case you do not fell comfortable asking over the phone. Our Clearfield office is located at 1725 East 1450 South (Legend Hills Drive) Suite 320 Clearfield Utah 84015.

Saint George Tax Attorney

For Southern Utah residents tax relief can be found at our Saint George law office. Located at 321 North Mall Drive, Suite R239 St. George Utah 84790. Gilland law firm is close by for Saint George tax payers.

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I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for you helping my mother with her $49,000 levy on Social Security Benefits. She also had a $2,300 levy against her bank account for the same reason. Getting that money released back into her account was a great blessing. After years of wrestling with the IRS over this matter, your work was quite amazing. Keep up the great work. Calvin B., Cedar City, UT
  • Stop IRS Tax Levies
  • Removing IRS Tax Leins
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • Reducing Back Tax Debt
  • Reducing IRS Penalties
  • IRS Appeals
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HUGE CHANGES IN Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) Rules

New OIC Rules Now Allow Some Taxpayers To Compromise Tax Debt For 75% LESS Than Before.
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  • We Protect Your Interests.
    We Negotiate With The IRS To
    Resolve Your IRS Problem
  • Years Of IRS Tax
    Resolution Experience
  • Hundreds Of Successful Outcomes
  • Personal Sevice From A
    Highly Qualified Attorney
  • We Protect Your Interests.
    We Negotiate With The IRS To
    Resolve Your IRS Problem
  • Years Of IRS Tax
    Resolution Experience
  • Hundreds Of Successful Outcomes
  • Personal Sevice From A
    Highly Qualified Attorney

"Words cannot express the feeling of utter relief that we felt upon receiving your phone call the other day. This is a day that we have hoped and prayed for, for many years!! For the first time in a long time we were able to go to sleep at night without a lingering feeling of doom and despair over how to get out of our IRS situation..."

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Dear Attorney Gilland. Thank you so much for your help with my client's difficult trust fund penalty issue with the IRS. Thanks to your advice, the IRS agreed to our proposed solution. My client thinks I'm a genius and I owe it all to you. I can see why you came so highly recommended and why you earned your national reputation. I trust that your clients know that they are in the best of hands. Thanks again for everything.

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*These are historical settlements and do not guarantee future results. Actual results will vary based on individual situations and negotiations.
Offer in Compromise

Offer in compromise settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed.offer in compromise

Installment Agreement

Installment agreements allow for the full payment of the tax debt in smaller, more manageable amounts. IRS installment agreements

IRS Penalty Abatement

Eliminating these penalties may lift a huge financial burden off of you, most of the time the penalties make up 25% of the total tax debt amount owed.penalty abatement.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief Can relieve you from taxes, penalties and interest that were acquired from a joint tax return that you filed with your spouse or ex-spouse. innocent spouse information

Statute of Limitations

Taxes do expire at some point and this can be use to your benefit. more on the IRS Statute of Limitations

Currently Not Collectable

Currently Not Collectable or hardship status can help a taxpayer with immediate tax problems. more on hardship status


In some cases, IRS debts can be discharged in bankruptcy but conditions must be met. more on Bankruptcy tax solutions

Bring Your Tax Debts Down To Size With The Offer In Compromise

Taking advantage of an Offer in Compromise can help many different men and women settle the amount of tax debt that is owed. When you apply for an Offer in Compromise, you have the chance to pay less than the amount that you owe to the IRS. This can be... full post

Back Tax Debts Are A Huge Problem But Relief Is Available

Handling unpaid taxes may be done in a few ways, but most taxpayers aren't aware that there's more than one way to reduce a tax bill. It's very common for taxpayers to believe that working with a settlement company is the only method for paying a tax bill; however, that's... full post

Offer In Compromise Basic Facts Everyone Should Know

What is an offer in compromise? Known as an OIC, an offer in compromise is an agreement between the Internal Revenue Service and a taxpayer that dissolves the taxpayer of any tax liability. Under certain circumstances, the IRS is able to compromise or settle any federal... full post

Gilland Law Firm PC Provides IRS Tax Resolution Legal Services For the Entire State of Utah including the following locations:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Ogden
  • Clearfield
  • Layton
  • Saint George
  • Provo
  • Logan

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