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Tax Attorney Jim Gilland has been personally helping Provo Utah taxpayers get relief from IRS problems and back tax issues for taxpayers throughout his home state of Utah.

Provo UtahAs an experienced tax lawyer with a varied background including business, attorney Jim Gilland is uniquely capable to help Provo taxpayers and business owners solve their IRS problems. Jim has worked for clients in Provo and helped them through the difficult situation of IRS collections by using some of the programs available to get a successful  tax settlement.

Some of the tax settlement programs available to help Provo residents include, Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatement, and more.

If you have recieved a notice of intent to collect or other threatening letter from the Internal Revenue Service contact Provo Tax Attorney Jim Gilland of Gilland Law Firm PC and take the first steps toward IRS tax relief.

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