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Salt Lake City Tax Attorney, Jim Gilland understands the significance a problem with the IRS can have in the lives of taxpayers. As a skilled tax attorney Jim Gilland can help resolve IRS problems. 

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Frequently IRS problems are very complex and the taxpayer can benefit from an indepth consultation, it is essential that both client and attorney have a compete understanding of the facts when confronted with an IRS problem or facing a complex tax audit.  Located in near Salt Lake city and a longtime Utah resident, attorney Jim Gilland is available to help solve your IRS tax problem personally. Call Attorney Jim Gilland to schedule your free consultation.

While taxpayers are allowed to represent themselves before the IRS, many taxpayers seeking tax relief find dealing with the IRS frustrating, time-consuming, intimidating or all of the above. So they make the decision to hire professional IRS tax help (specialized tax attorney, tax resolution firm, etc.) to negotiate with the IRS on their behalf.

An experienced tax attorney who specializes in providing tax relief to individuals and businesses can help resolve tax problems at both the state and federal level. They can help taxpayers secure offer in compromise settlements, IRS payment plans, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, release of liens or levies, non-filer issues and many other tax settlements.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tax Attorney  ?
There are many advantages to hiring an income tax attorney, but the greatest advantage is peace of mind and knowing that you are not taking unneccesary risks with your personal and financial freedom. Going in front of the IRS without a tax attorney is like defending yourself in a murder trial. You'll get creamed.

To paraphrase the wise old saying, "He who acts as his own tax attorney has a fool for a client." Even if you can't afford to pay your back taxes or have years of unfiled delinquent tax returns, a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist or tax attorney can help you settle your IRS debt by increasing your chances of resolving your back taxes and helping you qualify for a tax relief settlement where you only pay back only a fraction of what you owe.

Additionally, hiring professional tax attorney and tax resolution services can not only help you resolve IRS problems from the past, but it can also help you achieve permanent tax relief, making sure you don't run into tax problems in the future.

Why You Need Experienced Tax Relief Professionals In Your Corner when Battling the IRS
Not getting professional tax help can be costly. To get the tax relief you need, you need to leverage the specialized knowledge that only an income tax attorney or Certified Tax Attorney can provide.

In many instances, retaining professional and reliable tax attorney and tax resolution services will often result in more affordable IRS payment plans and lesser tax penalties. However, when you owe back taxes and you need a tax attorney's help to get the tax relief you want, the issue at stake is more than just what's on your balance sheet. Issues with back taxes and other IRS problems can be both financially and personally crippling.

Getting a tax attorney to give you tax help gives you more than tax relief, it gives you mental relief. As soon as you retain our services, we take over all communication with the IRS.  tax attorney Jim Gilland,  will make sure your tax problem gets the maximum tax relief from start to finish.

Many options may be available to help including Penalty abatement, offer in compromise, currently not collectable status, innocent spouse relief and more.

Don't wait! Ingnored, an IRS tax problem will only get worse over time.

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