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Peace Of Mind From IRS ProblemsLocal Utah IRS tax attorney Jim Gilland has helped his clients resolve their IRS Tax problems or over the last fourteen years. Gilland Law Firm, P.C. has time and time again achieved success against the IRS by helping his clients into currently non-collectable status also known as hardship status (where the IRS no longer tries to collect on their account).

Tax Debt Resolution

In addition to currently non-collectable status, IRS tax attorney Jim Gilland has been successful in delivering IRS tax debt relief to his clients by arguing for an Offer In Compromise. The Offer in Compromise program is an agreement between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service that settles the taxpayer's tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. 

Tax attorney Jim Gilland has also ended IRS tax debt for his clients by defending and arguing innocent spouse relief cases. The innocent spouse relief program protects ex-spouses who find themselves liable for the other spouse's IRS tax debt problems. There are three types of relief available under the innocent spouse rule that can be granted to spouses who filed a joint tax return together.  There three types of relief requirements are called classic innocent spouse relief requirements, relief by separation of liability requirements, and equitable relief requirements. If the qualifications for one are not met, it may be possible to qualify for another type of relief. These mechanisms can relieve you from being responsible for unpaid back taxes, penalties and interest incurred as a result of the joint tax return that was file. Attorney Jim Gilland can help you decide which type of relief will be right for you.

Gilland Law Firm Can Help

Gilland Law Firm, P.C. Has aggressively pursued successful tax debt resolutions and helped their clients through IRS audits. If you are experiencing a field audit it is crucial that you have a skilled representative on your side. A skilled attorney can represent you in the case of an audit and be less emotional and less defensive.  An attorney is exactly what you will need in the case of an IRS audit.  Experiencing an IRS audit without legal representation is a stressful process and can lead to many IRS tax problems that a skilled IRS tax attorney could avoid.

IRS Tax Levies And Liens

IRS Home LienOnly an experience and highly skilled tax attorney can be successful at removing tax levies, and have IRS tax liens released. If you receive a notice of federal tax lien, how can you get it removed? Outside paying off your tax debt in full or having the statute of limitations expire, removing a federal tax lien is a difficult task. Hiring a qualified tax professional to advise you and work on your behalf is almost always necessary if you cannot pay the debt in full, or if you cannot post a bond guaranteeing you will pay the debt in full. By law, a filed notice of tax lien can be removed if: the notice of federal tax lien was filed too early or violated IRS procedures, you enter into an installment agreement to pay the debt and the agreement provides for removal of the federal tax lien, removing the federal tax lien will speed up collection of the liability by the IRS, or removal of the federal tax lien would be in the best interest of both the taxpayer and the government.  Attorney Jim Gilland has argued for, and defended taxpayers from the IRS, to have the IRS tax levies and IRS liens removed.

IRS penalties can be significant, tax attorney Jim Gilland has helped end his clients IRS tax problems by successfully negotiating with the IRS for a penalty abatement. With an abatement, you may be able to eliminate part or all of your penalties and interest, but not the initial base tax amount that caused the penalties and interest. Most of the time with an abatement, you will be able to eliminate the majority if not all of the penalties, but not the interest. Eliminating these penalties may lift a huge financial burden off of you, most of the time the penalties make up 25% of the total tax debt amount owed In some cases the IRS will reduce or eliminate a taxpayer's penalties on their debt, to achieve this result requires the knowledge of a highly experience tax attorney.

A Local Attorney Who Personally Takes Time To Understand Your Case

Local Utah Tax AttorneyIt is important for clients to have local representation where they can either call or come in to consult with a tax attorney in person whenever they are concerned about their IRS problem. IRS tax attorney Jim Gilland works hard to lift the burden of IRS tax debt from the shoulders of his clients so they do not need to be concerned about it and can sleep at night.

Tax Attorney Jim Gilland will be the buffer between his clients and the IRS delivering debt relief and peace of mind.

Jim Gilland is Helping Tax Payers to resolve their Tax Problems

Tax problems usually fall into three forms: past due tax returns, tax debts owing to the IRS and audits. Business tax problems are usually in the form of unpaid payroll taxes. Of those problems there are two main categories of tax problems. Those who have filed their IRS taxes and have not paid the taxes due, and those who have not filed their federal taxes and therefore, not paid their taxes due. In either event, as an experienced IRS tax attorney, these are the types of tax problems that I help taxpayers resolve.

Remember, that the first most important step to solving your tax issues is to file your federal taxes.

Please call your local Utah tax attorney Jim Gilland to help you end your IRS tax problems. I will be there for you to help you through your difficult situation, whatever it may be. I have helped so many people with their tax problems.

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