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Wage Garnishment

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IRS Wage Garnishment

IRS Wage Garnishment - Wage LevyAlso called a wage levy, the wage garnishment is one of the harshest tax debt collection methods available. In summary a wage garnishment is when after all attempts to resolve the debt have failed the IRS collections officers contact our employer and have them withhold a predetermined percentage of money from your pay check to be applied to our tax liability (Tax Debt). Though your employer may have misgivings about taking your money from your pay, they are legally obligated to do so. In fact if they refuse, your employer will be responsible for the amount the IRS has determined to be withheld.

The wage levy will go on until the debt has been settled or you and our attorney enter negotiations under one of the many tax settlement programs or appeals.

How much can the IRS take from my paycheck?

It may surprise you know that the IRS has NO LIMIT on the amount they can have taken from your pay check. The amount they will take is any amount above what you are exempt from paying. In other words you get to keep what your tax exemptions are and nothing more.

This is a cruel and ingenious way for them to collect the debt. Even if you make substantially more income, our take home will be the same – what your exemptions add up to be.

So rather than asking how much can they take, the real question is how much do I get to keep?

They will base this on the number of exemptions claimed on your W-4. Other factors will also influence how much of your money you get to take home including how often you are paid, your latest filing status and how many exemptions you claim on that particular employer's W-4

How To Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

While the IRS will continue wage levy collections until the debt is settled there are many ways to quickly end the wage garnishment. In fact in most cases you will not have to pay the amount all at once, in some cases you may even be able to pay a lesser total amount.

If you have had your wages levied or received a Notice Of Intent To Levy from the IRS, contact an experienced tax attorney. In many case simply by applying for an Offer In Compromise or other sanctioned tax debt settlement program the IRS will immediately suspend the wage levy during the period of negotiations.

To continue to prosecute a wage levy, the IRS must careful follow all laws and procedures. Should they fail to cross every T and dot every I, your tax attorney may also be able to stop the levy. Neither going into negotiations or proving a procedural error is a permanent solution however. To permenanty stop IRS levy, you will need to enter into one of the debt settlement programs available and make your structured payments on time. In some cases your attorney may also be able to show that you do not owe the amount stated.

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Negotiating a tax settlement with the IRS is a complex and involved process. There are many ways an inexperienced person can either make a mistake or fail to get all of the tax relief available. There are many figure in play that will determine not only the total amount you owe, but just as important how quickly it can be paid off.

Attorney Jim Gilland has helped hundreds of troubled tax payers resolve their IRS problems. Gilland Law Firm has the experience and resources to represent clients in US Tax Court and defend their interest from the IRS.

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